Internet Ungovernance Forum

4-5 September 2014
Istanbul Bilgi University, Santral Campus


Workshop Proposals for Unconference

Organizer Title
Milton Mueller IANA transition and the role of states in Internet governance
Katitza Rodriguez and Amie Stepanovich Strategic Meeting Planning a Week of Action Against Mass Surveillance: The 13 Principles Surveillance Coalition Informal Meeting
John A. Sweeney Future(s) of the Internet
Gökhan Yücel Digital Diplomacy and Internet Governance
Fatma Zengin Internet safety & Child Abuse
Walid Al-Saqaf Internet Censorship During the Arab Spring and Ways to Circumvent them
Andrii Paziuk Information control and propaganda: two sides coin of totalitarism
Barkın Kılıç Network Traffic Monitoring and Tunneling for Censorship
Transparency Int Internet, from privacy to surveillance technologies
Amalia Deloney Net Neutrality

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