Internet Ungovernance Forum

4-5 September 2014
Istanbul Bilgi University, Santral Campus


Special Session

Governance or Ungovernance
- A Strategy Workshop for Internet Activists -

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If these are questions you are asking yourself and you would like to think together with other people asking similar questions, then please join us at our strategy workshop for Internet activists! In preparation for the Internet Ungovernance Forum, the half-day workshop will provide an an opportunity for activists working towards a free, secure and open Internet to get to know Internet governance processes and to explore strategies for collective action. While topics abound, the focus of this workshop will be on matters of surveillance, privacy, the securitization of the Internet, and censorship. Together with invited guests, we plan to spend an afternoon developing strategies to address these problems through national and transnational Internet governance institutions, and/or through organizing outside of these structures. The participants will be expected to report important outcomes of the workshop at the final session of the Internet Ungovernance Forum.

The workshop will consist of three parts:


The workshop will consist of three discussion sessions structured and moderated by invited guests with experience in internet activism or in internet governance structures.


This workshop is for activists that want to collectively develop strategies for action at the local or international level on the topics of surveillance, privacy, the securitization of the Internet and censorship. We expect activists from all disciplinary/non-disciplined backgrounds to join us. A commitment to collective action and curiosity about internet governance processes is a plus. We ask those interested in participating to send an email to by 1st of September, 2014. Please include in the email a short biography and a list of topics you would like to see discussed at the workshop.

Preparation Materials:

We recommend reading the following materials and studying the following websites in preparation for the workshop.

Invited Guests:


September 3., 2014
13.00 - 18.00 hours


The workshop will take place in English. We encourage those who have reservations attending the workshop due to their command of the English language to couple up with other participants who can support them throughout the meeting.


Please send an email to


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